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This is an international business, created by a group of people with passion for making your lives easier. We asked for your feedback about various social media networks and what is missing from them. You told us what you need, and we have fulfilled your request by creating the first working app that lets you see a complete list of people who have looked at your Instagram profile, photos and videos in the recent past.

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Features we focused on


We don’t ask for your password, we don’t ask you to download anything.


It will work on any machine with access to the internet.


No one will ever know that you used this to find out who viewed my instagram.


It’s so simple to use that anyone can do it.

What we believe.

The official Instagram app currently lacks a feature that would allow its users to check who has viewed their profile, but you can use our unofficial online app to do that anytime. We believe that it’s an important thing that is currently missing from this social media network, and at the very least, you as an active user should have the ability to check who has been stalking your Instagram profile. Many personal tragedies could be avoided if only people realized that, for example this nice man they met has been viewing their Instagram pictures 100 times per day for the last year before you even met. See where I’m going with this? Of course, you could also have other reasons that make you desire a list of users who have ever seen your Instagram page or any content such as photos or videos that you posted, if you have stumbled upon this article then you surely must have one! It’s not our job to judge you, but it is our job to give you what you requested - a tool that lets you see who has viewed your Instagram.

But how much does this cost?

Be careful.

There are many mobile apps, both on Google Play and iTunes that claim that they allow you see who viewed my Instagram. We wanted to tell you straight away what doesn’t work and after downloading and testing dozens of these mobile apps we have come to a conclusion that they don’t work as advertised. What is worse, is the fact that most of them require you to make a payment, sometimes it’s $1, sometimes it’s $10. Our services are free. After paying that fee, what you will receive is a simple list of people who have interacted with your profile in some public way – those who left a comment under your photos etc. But you don’t need an external app to find out who these people are, since all of this stuff is visible to you! We are looking for a full list of people who have viewed my Instagram profile the most and not just of those who have left a comment on it! What’s even worse is the fact that some of these apps will give you nothing at all, or they will ask for your login details, including your password, and then use that to break into your Instagram account! Remember, the last thing you should do is give your password to strangers, the only time you should insert it anywhere is if you are on the official page, or in the official Instagram app. These tools that actually work, and give you a full list of everyone who viewed my Instagram profile, videos and photos, never ask for your password! All they need is your username and it's the same with our online program. We only need your public username. Of course, our app is only one of many ways to avoid stalkers on social media networks, we wrote about other methods you could use in this article, feel free to check it out when you have time. If you use the tips we shared, along with this app, you will easily be able to identify and get rid of every unwanted stalker on your profile.

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