8 Ways to Get More Popular on Instagram

Once you get an Instagram account, you naturally want to become popular and generate as many likes as possible. It’s not impossible, and nor is it easy. You need to put in some hard work and research from your side.

You need to learn how Instagram works and once you are familiar with them, you can use the help of the following tips to increase your popularity on Instagram. After all, Instagram is a platform where members connect with each other through good, artistic, posed, bad and all types of photos! You just have to know how and when to use these photos!

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1. Strong bio

You need a strong bio describing things like who you are, your values, what you do, etc. A good bio creates a good impression about you. So make sure your 150 character bio includes essential elements like your name, company expertise, skills and any website or CTA!

2. Only one photo won’t work

Don’t expect miracle with one photo; you need to post at least 9 good quality photos, videos or both to fill a grid on a screen. As this is your base for generating comments, likes and increasing your visibility, make sure you don’t spam using low quality images.

3. Correct referencing

You need to reference your media correctly by theme and using hash tags with keywords which will lead prospective searches to the photo. The search bar tells you how many posts exist on a hash tag so that you can find out the hash tag’s popularity. While 5-10 is reasonable, more than 10 lead to a plethora of hash tags!

4. Instagram promotion

You can get likes only if people know you are on Instagram! So use a short intro with your hash tag in your existing communities like Twitter and Facebook. You also need to promote your blog and website with your Instagram hash tag in your newsletter to attract new visitors.

5. Look for and follow interesting accounts

Look for, and follow interesting accounts of people who have similar likes and choices as you. There’s a better chance of their following you if you have great media without any spamming. Moreover, liking or commenting on others’ posts generates relevance and attention to you!

6. Timing is everything

You need to be visible to your existing followers by finding the right time to post based on your engagement rate and number of likes and comments. The best time to post is when your followers are most active and interactive.

7. Keep track

Keep tracking your analytics to learn how consistently your followers and community grows. Note down photos which work and don’t so that you can find out trends and look for patterns at how people respond to your photos. Get rid of the unnecessary and ill-accepted photos to build up an Instagram profile people want to see!

8. Use the right hash tags

This is very important as it’s your hash tags which generate followers. Don’t think it’s easy choosing the right hash tags as popular and hash tags are used hundreds of times per minute. So there’s not much hope of people reaching you with that hash tag. Instead, look for less popular hash tags which will slowly but surely bring you to the limelight.

Now you know these 8 ways to get popular in Instagram, it’s left to you to start implementing them and see your Instagram popularity grow!

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