We are Social Revolution

a small company dedicated to creating software that extends the functionality of various social networks, for both personal and professional uses

Our team.

There is very few us, we live in different places, but together we work hard everyday to create the tools you request from us




Graphics Designer






How we work.

1 People e-mail us with questions about our software everyday, they give us their feedback and ideas for future programs that we could create. We listen to them, that is the first step.

2 We do a lot of research to find out whether your requests are doable, and most of the times that's where our work stops since they are not. If what you asked for is possible, we try to find out whether there is demand for such product to be created. If there, then we go to step 3.

3 This step is what takes us the most time. Now we design and develop that actual software that you will use. It takes hundreds, sometimes thousands of hours of coding. After that, there is also a lot of testing and then finally we can release our apps to the public!