Instagram Feed Will Display Photos Of People We Don’t Follow

Instagram is becoming increasingly obscure. The application started to display suggested photos from people we do not follow.

Instagram used to be something different if you look at the changes that are regularly made to this application. Instagram is increasingly losing its photographic character by drifting towards a social network.

Changes made to this service make it a second Facebook, but it is based on photos rather than links and written words. Now another mechanism will be introduced to Instagram, through which we will have less control over the feed.

Instagram begins to show images of people we don’t follow on our feed.

When you browse the homepage, you will see some post suggestions that we may like according to Instagram. These will be photographs of people we do not observe. So far, Instagram has only suggested people (visible in the form of avatars) who may be of interest to us. Now we will also see their photos.

This novelty is already working in Instagram. Over the past few weeks, it has been tested on a small user base, and now it will be available to everyone. So far I don’t see new recommendations in my feed and probably nobody sees it in my country yet.

The feed of pictures on Instagram is a more and more chaotic

This is another change that reduces control over what we see in the feeder. The most serious step was to remove the chronological display of posts in 2016. Since then, algorithms have governed what we see on our Instagram.

Subsequently, ads appeared in increasing numbers. Currently in my feed on the home page every sixth or seventh photo is a sponsored post. I have the impression that the frequency of advertising has increased significantly recently.

Now there are recommendations joining, which is another element that will cut through the feed of photos. So far I am not a fan of this idea. I believe that the avatars of the proposed persons alone will be enough to discover new photographers and to follow friends.

What will happen next? Will Instagram begin to display photos that our friends like? Facebook regularly suggests such postings, so Instagram could also include such a feature. I hope that this will not happen.

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