Social Media Trends in 2017

One of the rapidly changing industries in todays world is the social media. We witnessed how a cutting-edge technology such as virtual reality gained popularity and went viral in the last year. Such trends usually make a big impact and it is being anticipated that the New Year, 2017, will also witness such trends.

The following trends are expected to be in trend in 2017,

Live Video Content

There are multiple platforms & streaming sites and Facebook Live and Periscope are the two most popular among them. Periscope realized that in the year 2016, users used the app to watch 110 years of live video every day. Facebook, just in New Year’s Eve, achieved record-breaking numbers with their live streaming. Shortly after Facebook Live & Periscope, Twitter and Instagram launched their own versions of live streaming in the December & November 2016, respectively.

The live video content is on the growing trend. A study revealed that whereas 14 percent of marketers experimented with the live video content in 2016, 43 percent is planning to use interactive video in 2017.

Social Messaging

In comparison to the social networks, the messaging apps have a wider community of users. Messaging apps such as Viber, Whatsapp and WeChat have more users compared to social networks like Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin. The possible reason for the messaging apps’ growing popularity is the transparency, personal touch and the benefits of one-to-one communication that the users enjoy.

Business houses are expected to take advantage due to the massive audience base in social messaging platforms. For instance, if a user clicks on an ad on Facebook, it will take the user directly to a chat window with the brand’s representative or associate. As more brands become aware of the growing value of social messaging, those brands are expected to make efforts to establish their presence there.

Social Media e-commerce for Sales

Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook offer options for users to buy products directly from within their respective apps & Snapchat started giving out e-commerce features in the spring of the year 2016. It has been observed that more than 50 percent of users follow brands on social media in order to browse products for sale and more than 30 percent of online users said that they use social media particularly to keep an eye for new products to buy. Brands are expected to put product demonstration videos on social media as many users prefer to share a video about a new product. Most of the brands have already started doing tht.


Chatbots are a type of artificial intelligence. Chatbots are capable of having a conversation with someone. After Facebook integrated them within their Facebook messenger, companies are using them to communicate with older & new customers. Users are also growing more aware about the dangers they face when sharing their lives on the internet, many of them want to learn if anyone is stalking their profile, or who has viewed it. This particular trend can be expected to grow more popular in 2017.

The chatbots are already using their ability & intelligence to help people answer questions & complete transactions. This new technology is efficient, fast & brief. It is expected that brands might conduct all their customer interactions & relations through social media and don’t invest too much time and money on having a website at all.

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